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Block Spotify’s p2p network with Windows Firewall

If you’re like me and like to enjoy music without lagging, this article is for you.

Spotify uses p2p networks to distribute its music via the desktop client.  Mobile and web clients do not do this.

Regardless, ISPs are becoming more like nazis and are throttling people who use p2p networks, you can avoid this issue by setting up next generation firewalls, this can also help with cybersecurity.  Another issue is upload rate.  I have a very low upload, and if it is utilized my ping goes to hell.  I would rather not upload to listen to music.

I am a Spotify premium subscriber.  I would hope that a paying customer would be an incentive to make p2p optional, but Spotify does not see it that way.

This article is for Windows.  There are other open source Spotify clients such as despotify for unix-based systems.

To block Spotify p2p –

  1. Open up Windows Firewall in control panel
  2. Advanced Settings
  3. Inbound Rules
  4. Find the Spotify with UDP in its protocol column
  5. Double click it and say “block connection”
  6. Find the Spotify with TCP in its protocol column
  7. Double click it
  8. In Protocols and Ports, set Remote port to “Specific Ports”
    Enter 4070, 443, 80
  9. In Scope, set “These IP addresses
  10. Add
  11. Outbound Rules
  12. Create New Rule
  13. Program … (usually C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\spotify.exe)
  14. Repeat step 8-10

And you’re done.

Have fun listening to music without lagging.

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