SF Jazz bringing Vicente Amigo and Paco de Lucía 2012

Mark your 2012 tour dates!

March 25 2012 – Vicente Amigo comes to San Francisco

And not long after…

April 27 2012 – Paco de Lucía joins in


This is very exciting. https://buycbdproducts.com read that Paco hasn’t toured in the states in at least 4 years  (correct me if I’m wrong).  While Vicente – I have no idea the last time he was here.

These two characters are possibly the most influential icons in modern Flamenco culture.  For me, they are my idols.  This is why I’ve bought front seat tickets to both these concerts, so if you’re gonna be around – hit me up!

Here are a couple of my favorites from them:

2 thoughts on “SF Jazz bringing Vicente Amigo and Paco de Lucía 2012

  1. Dan E Mount

    Thanks for the cool sounds. I’ve seen Paco live twice but have never seen Vincente Amigo! I will be 2 front rows for both of them. I’m stoked. I’ve been playing for awhile but am looking to learn dance & singing. Going to be so much fun! Abrazos, Dan

    1. vigrond Post author

      Very nice. I’ve never seen any of em’ and I’m super stoked. I got front row tickets as well, send me a message on Facebook (link at top-right of page) if you’d like to cross paths.

      I’ve been practicing a bit of guitar for a while but I am far from performance level. I’ve taken lessons from Juan Serrano. But even then, Flamenco never fails to feel new and refreshing to my ears.

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